System & Workflow Authorization

IndusIT Solutions has a proven methodology of system and workflow optimization to enhance your system’s usability and increase return and investment after the initial implementation. Typically, a healthcare organization’s initial implementation focus is on getting the first hospitals and clinics live and resolving significant, problematic build and workflow issues identified during the go-live period However, to ensure long-term success, it is essential to continue working with end users to improve the system and help your staff capitalize on the benefits of using a sophisticated EHR. IndusIT’s Efficiency Express program was built on lessons learned from having managed multiple large optimization projects. Efficiency Express is specifically geared towards improving physician satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability by focusing on three critical core objectives:

Enhance End User Skills – Help your users enhance their skills to better use the tools currently available in the system
Implement New Features and Improve Build – Provide your users with newer and better tools to help them work more efficiently
Upgrade Evaluation – Install new releases of Epic to access additional features and stay current with technology

Efficiency Express = Profitability and Productivity

To ensure success, IndusIT Solutions provides a team consisting of expert process consultants, seasoned build team representatives and training staff. The Engagement Lead will facilitate meetings with clinic representatives and hospital leadership to review your current Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The team will then review your current system version and build configuration. Most importantly, your IndusIT Solutions team will then shadow providers and business end users in the clinical and rev/access settings to assess their proficiency with the current build and document any product configuration and workflow challenges they observe into their key findings assessment.


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