Game Portal

One of our customers is an innovative developer of software systems for the casual games industry.

The Situation

The Customer needed a new branded portal that would host dozens of casual cash games, jackpot lotteries, and massively multiplayer online games (MMOG). The company envisioned a unique cartoon-style fantasy universe and needed an experienced software vendor to create it.

System Highlights

  • Rich immersive user experience there are dozens of unique locations to explore, games to play, and funny characters to interact with via an attractive 2.5D user interface.
  • Separate business processing engine — because some operations are required to run independently from the portal and game sessions, the engine schedules and executes tasks in an asynchronous manner.
  • Facebook integration users who are signed in to their Facebook accounts are recognized by the portal.
  • Great scalability and performance the portal supports a geographically wide-spread user base with varying bandwidth availability and network lags and can be easily scaled up and out in future. An unlimited number of users can play a game simultaneously due to distributed application servers hosted by Amazon services.
  • Access to the system log admin users are able to monitor the system activity and performance at any time. Reporting on business-critical data – administrators receive generated reports that include drill-downs, graphs, and statistics.
  • Strong and robust integration with a number of third-party services — the portal supports CommerceGate, OfferPal, and Zong.

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