Hotel & Tourism Consulting

Thanks to our yearlong consulting service in the marketing area, IndusIT Solutions is a competent partner with regard to distribution and marketing issues. Marketing actions, which are required in order to reach the target markets and groups, are determined and planned during regular meetings.

  • Definition of a rough marketing strategy and marketing plan: definition of target markets and groups, product and price policy, marketing instruments, communication and distribution planning, coordination of the realization of all activities that are defined in the marketing plan and budgeting.
  • Support and advice when choosing photographers, briefing organization and coordination of the image taking for planned marketing activities.

Renationalisation or improvement of the internet platform as a contact platform

  • Coordination of print media and communication instruments and internal communication instruments
  • Coordination and organization of the promotional mailings
  • Trade fair management – organization and coordination of fair events

Pre-Opening Marketing

The basis of the marketing and distribution policy, which is decisive for the success of the hotel, is set prior to the opening.

  • Strategic determination of an attractive touristic product
  • Determination of price structure based upon current market and empirical values
  • The drawing up of the brand launch and evaluation of  guidelines for the operative marketing instruments,  as well as their realization
  • The drawing up of guidelines for the internet presence
  • The drawing up and realization  of a comprehensive marketing and media plan
  • Definition of the strategic distribution and marketing partners

Web Marketing and Online Editorials

Through continuous web marketing in close cooperation with the customer, a qualified “web consultant” will realize the determined actions and continuously advise the customer in relation to any questions regarding the internet. The consulting offer includes the following services:

  • Web check and marketing planning
  • Web services and online editorials: Website optimization, e-mail promotions, media buying, performance optimization

Controlling Consulting

The efficient measurement of operating results and the monitoring of the development of figures allows for a rationalization and reduction of costs and quick reactions to unforeseen problems and deviations. A range of bookkeeping data, occupancy figures and other information for the introduction of controlling provide the basis for our consulting work, and will continuously be available for analysis and evaluation.

  • The drawing up of  a specific controlling system for the business after evaluation of available data and analysis of historic business results
  • Introduction of cost management
  • Monthly evaluation of accounting data through a comparison of the budgeted versus the actual figures
  • Evaluation of concrete control measures for result optimization and improvement of productivity and profitability through the introduction of targeted organizational measurements
  • Determination of bankable figures, which are conform with the business, and drawing up of a short-term income statement, the budget and finance plan, and the cash-flow calculation

Hotel Performance Management

The aim of Hotel Performance Management is to realize measurements, recommended after a detailed business analysis, in a long-term strategic cooperation, and thereby continuously increase and guarantee the value of the property.

Hereby, all operating processes and data get analysed in detail in advance, and a structural assessment of the property takes place, which is essential for the assessment of the business.

With a team of experts, IndusIT Solutions assumes future-oriented planning and controlling, which focuses on goals and strategies. Depending on the business operation – hotel managed by owners, management or lease contract, the service range will be individually adapted to the requirements of the customer, but mainly includes the following:

Business Analysis / Business Check

During the course of the business check, the hotel is assessed based on its hardware and software offer. The business check includes the following services:

  • Detailed inspection and testing of plans for an analysis of the infrastructure
  • Mystery guesting to check the service quality from a guest’s point of view
  • Overview of the market position
  • Check of the marketing appearance and advertisement instruments, in-house communication means and website
  • Detailed assessment of management / lease contract including determination of potential and risks
  • Assessment of contract conformity
  • Revision and evaluation of the economic figures on the basis of the annual accounts and economic data of the last three years
  • Information about significant deficiencies and renovation requirement
  • Analysis of investments, maintenance and repair works over the last three years
  • Analysis of the 5-year investment plan
  • SWOT analysis of the business and sector rating
  • Summary and drawing up of an optimization concept with area-related action recommendations and notes

Continuous Performance Management

Through the introduction of continuous analysis and control in the monthly hotel performance management, a rationalization and reduction in individual areas is made possible, and a quick reaction to unforeseen problems and deviations is guaranteed. Thanks to our international experience in hotel management and hotel development, as well as sector-specific figures, we are able to prepare, analyze and effectively implement data in cooperation with the hotel management.

Strategic Consulting /  Turn-Around

During strategic advice we make an active intervention in the business operation in order to implement the business optimization as quickly, efficiently and professional as possible. Required restructuring and optimization measures are discussed and decided in close cooperation with the customer after an in-depth business analysis. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of each business structure, we are unable to define a standard product for this service. A team of experts will be available for the implementation of various measures.

Hotel Property Evaluation

The study includes the following main topics:

  • Documentation of the basics in order to guarantee the transparency of actions and assessment steps. The background of the assessment, the order and the method and processes will be documented.
  • Analysis of the object to be assessed through an object description, examination of the building and its condition with photo documentation, assessment of other conditions which have an influence on the value, and preparation of economic figures of the existing business.
  • Analysis of position and location, whereby the macro and micro location will be assessed and judged.
  • Evaluation of the existing hotel market.
  • Analysis of the current positioning of the hotel through a product evaluation.
  • Interview with the hotel management in order to get to know possible development tendencies from the manager’s point of view and to check plausibility afterwards.
  • Summary of the actual analysis within a SWOT profile (strengths and weaknesses).
  • Result preview calculation for the next 10 years with drawing up of bankable figures and drawing up of a cash-flow calculation.
  • Detailed analysis of the hotel management contract.
  • Determining the market value by means of the discounted cash-flow method.

Economic Business Operation and Interim Management

Business management of leisure time facilities or co operations in the hotel and tourism industry and of single hotels comprises a vast spectrum of management services and occurs in close cooperation with the local management and a regular visit to the location.

  • The drawing up of a business plan for 3 years with yearly adjustment
  • Detailed yearly budget based on revenue and costs
  • The drawing up of monthly controlling instruments for efficient cost control with comparison of previous years’ figures and budgeted figures
  • Coordination of balance sheet preparation in cooperation with the accountant
  • Monitoring and control of the most important administration tasks
  • Bank correspondence, payment transactions, liquidity controlling
  • Negotiations and contracts with important suppliers and partners
  • Search, employment and introduction of employees
  • Planning and implementation of all marketing measures and sales activities
  • Participation in the most important meetings with the customer
  • On-site team meetings  on a regular basis for the clarification and processing of all matters
  • Quarterly reports for the customer

Sustainability Check

With a sustainability analysis our customers get a quick overview of the current status and all activities, which are required to attain a sustainable hotel.

Green Globe Audit

  • Support in the registration as a Green Globe member
  • Information on the criteria and explanations
  • Check of the Green Globe criteria catalogue during a full-day audit with inspection of the entire hotel, discussions with the hotel management and employees, and the drawing up of a criteria list
  • Listing of missing object documents
  • Presentation of the Green Globe approach to employees
  • Evaluation according to Green Globe certification regulations and submitting of the certification for conformity check

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