Workflow Management System

Careful study and analysis of the requirements set by our Customer in India led us to choosing Java J2EE as a platform to develop the project. We suggested using both open-source and custom-made components to develop the project framework. The result demonstrates IndusIT’s competence in developing complicated and business-efficient technological solutions.

The suggested solution consists of three components:

  • Server component
  • Client component
  • Web component

Technical Overview

Server Component of the project consists of the Server Part and a database. Two connection types are available:

  • Network connection — for the Client component to connect to the Server Part. IndusIT uses the connection method known as “HTTP Invoker” for this type.
  • Web connection — enabling the Web component to communicate with the Server Part.

Business logic of the solution is featured in the Server Part only. This component includes a special interface to work with databases. Client component comes as an application compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS and other operation systems. No business logic is integrated into this component as it serves as an interface to communicate with the Server component. Web component is a website which can be viewed by any Internet user and compatible with all main browsers.

IndusIT Solutions has offered the distributed project architecture due to various benefits of such a framework:

  • Business logic is featured in the Server component only which allows the Client component change and upgrade leaving the Server component untouched.
  • Web and network connection applications feature the same public interface enabling understandable and comfortable operation even for inexperienced users.

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