Enterprise Mobility

What We Offer:

  • Strategy and roadmap to create mobile solutions focused on the enterprise. We give you a strategic direction to how mobile will augment the experience at different customer touch points. As part of the strategy, we shall discuss and brainstorm on mobile requirements and value-add for the enterprise. This includes the need for an app store and a mobile ALM platform along with devising the right development strategies using MEAP platforms.
  • Core architecture support and strategy that is based on integration of mobile features with Big Data and the cloud. All design considerations and best practices will be considered as part of this architectural establishment. The considerations include :
    • Key factors like choosing native apps vs. web apps, device management, supporting disconnected scenarios, performance , scalability , security, quality of experience , device proliferation, etc
    • Development considerations revolving around factors such as web protocols that mobile apps use, providing remote wipe features for users to wipe their enterprise data remotely, and using the Microsoft office apps on mobile
  • An enterprise app store that understands your business, helps in taking care of your business processes, and improves efficiencies with a strong feedback loop.
  • Simplified business process apps and user interfaces for different mobile form factors. These can be created using various programming languages including Objective C, JavaScript, HTML5, JQuery Mobile, and more.
  • Build Proof- Of- Concepts to explain how technologies such as augmented reality, near field communication, and context-aware apps can help your business explore new insights and provide a great customer experience.


Our approach to enterprise mobility is simple: avoid the temptation to create a solution for the sake of going mobile. Mobile for everything is not a great idea. Instead, we delve deep into the user’s experience, expectations, and needs to provide a quality experience to enterprise users from their mobile solutions. In essence, we provide a long-term solution based on enterprise business goals.

Today’s smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have a plethora of features that need to be utilized to give the user superior mobility value.

The activities involved in our approach are as follows:

Strategy and Consulting

  • Provide the strategy and roadmap to customers to enhance their mobile capability and help augment the mobile experience at different customer touch points
  • Understand and analyze the current state of the mobile ecosystem of the customer
  • Gain understanding of customer mobility business goals
  • Establish a mobile implementation road map
  • Provide consulting services in areas such as:
    • Native App vs Web App vs Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
    • Device management and proliferation
    • Choice of mobile development and performance tools
    • Mobile scalability, security, and quality of experience Design and Implementation

Design and Implementation

This involves one-on-one technical discussions with the client team and finalizing the mobile architecture. To get early feedback from the customer, our team often develops a proof-of-concept before starting the complete development.

Various activities involved in this phase include:

  • Provide design, development, testing, and management services for B2B and B2E mobile applications on smart phones and tablets.
  • Provide core architecture support and strategy that is focused on the following three elements:
    • Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile
    • Management Platform: BYOD (bring your own device) Management, Security, Application Lifecycle Management, User Management, App Store Management.
    • Mobile Applications: Mobile App Store, Employee Productivity Apps, Remote Monitoring Apps, Sales Personnel Apps, Health Care Apps
  • Provide mobile solutions that integrate seamlessly with Big Data and the cloud

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